Automatic Capacitor Controls and Sensors

Automatic Capacitor Controls
The easy-to-use IntelliCap Plus® Controls are ideal for both SCADA and stand-alone applications. SCADA override strategy allows a master station to issue commands, but the control strategy takes over if communication is lost. Optional neutral current/voltage sensing reports blown fuses and stuck switches, so your banks can always be productive.

6800 Series Automatic Switch Controls


6800 Series Automatic Switch Controls combine sophisticated automatic control schemes with RTU functions, data logging, and advanced communication capabilities in one integrated package.

6801M Automatic Switch Controls


6801M Automatic Switch Operators are fully integrated, microprocessor-based controls that let you automate almost any distribution-class switch. By combining and testing the electromechanical components, RTU, control, and communications as a single package.

M Series® Switch Operators

M Series Switch Operators let you automate almost any distribution-class switch, including S&C Alduti-Rupter® and Omni-Rupter®. Combines electromechanical components, RTU, control, and commu-nications as a single package.

Communication and Control Unit


Communication and Control Units are specifically designed for use with Scada-Mate® Switches and Scada-Mate CX™ Switches and are generally used in distribution automation applications that don’t involve the IntelliTeam SG Automatic Restoration System.

Micro-AT® Source-Transfer Control


This control continuously monitors the condition of both power sources and initiates automatic switching when preferred-source voltage has been lost (or reduced to a predetermined level) for a period of time sufficient to confirm that the loss is not transient.

IntelliNode™ Interface Module

ntelliNodeIntelliNode enables a substation breaker to operate as part of an IntelliTeam SG system. It interfaces with the micro-processor relay of the breaker and provides logic and communication capabilities to the fault-interrupting decisions made by the relay.