feature-image-326x159-baierAll BAIER power tools are manufactured with know-how and experience gained through decades of development work and design engineering.

BAIER invented the hammer drill as well as the metal cutting handsaw and the wall chaser. his pursuit of innovation continues today at BAIER. As a result, our power tools are constantly being developed and improved, making the work of the professional user easier, and helping to save money through their wide range of uses.

Today, BAIER has a range of tools suitable for the most demanding requirements – high-quality and technically sophisticated power tools for trade and industry. Along with our subsidiaries in Denmark, France and Italy, we now distribute our tools world-wide.

Product Highlight


Sawing steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminium …

  • Cuts quickly, clean and with no sparks. No cooling required
  • Clean cut without any burns even when cutting varnished material
  • Selection of saw blades according to wall thickness and material available
  • Slow turning saw with high torque especially applicable for cutting cables with big diameters
  • Saw blade adapter 32 H7 diameter
  • without metal carrying case and accessories
BPF 200

Slotting in plaster, gypsum, aereated concrete

  • Efficient for renovation, reinstallation of alarms and electrical circuits
  • Disposal material is collected in a waste disposal bag
  • Very easy to handle
  • Suction coupler as accessory available
  • Gear housing cover made of solid aluminium cast, powder coated
BDB 825

Dry coring in concrete with rebars

  • Dry coring in concrete with rebars - world wide unique!
  • Easy conversion from dry core to wet core drilling with the new interchangeable adapter set
  • Fast change to effective and dust-free socket-sinking by 1 1/4″ thread
  • Soft impact extracts drilling dust from diamond segments – longer life for core bits, speeding up drilling process, taking away dust from core bit
  • Cable-integrated FI-switch
  • Robust gear for long life
  • LED display for best cutting capacity, soft start
  • Precise diamond drilling from ø 60mm to ø 200 mm
BDB 832

Precise wet core drilling – at the highest level

  • Diamond wet core drilling solutions – precise drillingthe easy way
  • The stable drilling stand has an ankle coring device
  • Specially suited for wall break-throughs in hard material
  • Electronic control for soft start and LED-indicator for perfect drilling performance
  • Tension shaft ø 56 mm