With the growth of renewable energy generation and the imperative to reduce carbon emissions, the need for large-scale energy storage has never been greater. But few companies offer much experience in designing and deploying energy storage systems that can meet these objectives.

S&C, a leader at integrating energy storage into the grid, draws on real-world expertise to ensure your energy storage project is a success, from the earliest stages of project evaluation and design to system commissioning and life-cycle maintenance. Our energy storage systems use S&C’s field-proven power electronics technology to provide rapid response to changing system conditions. S&C’s Purewave® Storage Management System currently connects more than 90% of the grid-scale sodium-sulfur batteries installed in the United States. The Purewave® Community Energy Storage System provides distributed stored energy at the residential level and can support numerous smart grid goals, including peak shaving, load leveling, power factor correction and improved reliability.

S&C Energy Storage Systems

PureWave CES is a smaller distributed energy storage unit connected to the secondary of transformers serving a few houses or small commercial loads.

PureWave SMS is a versatile, easy-to-integrate, grid-connected energy storage unit that can interface to all commercially available battery technologies. The flexible interface allows for individually-controlled multiples of 500kW, up to a maximum of 10MW.