feature-image-326x159-engineer-supportThe aim of Energy Support is reduce the costs for replacement and repair and to increase the lifetime of your capital goods. Also unexpected breakdowns should be avoided under all circumstances.

Beside the early determination of possible malfunctions a very important aspect is the reduction of maintenance and repair costs. High reliability is equal to an increase in efficiency and profitability.

The ‘Core Business’ of Energy Support is the ‘On-Site Analysis’ of dissolved gases in transformer oil. Energy Support offers – as the only company worldwide – a portable solution of a gas chromatograph for the dissolved gas analysis according to ASTM 3612 and IEC 567.

Product Highlight

Dissolved Gas Analyzer (DGA)
ES-DGA-highlight11 gases: H2, CH4, O, N, CO, CO2, C2H2, C2H4, C2H6, C3H6, C3H8

Product Highlight

Automatic analysis of the dissolved gases in oil-filled transformers The analysis is done in 2 steps which guarantee a very high selectivity and sensitivity of the determination of dissolved gases:

Automatic on-line analysis of 11 gases The analysis is done in 2 steps with high selectivity and accuracy fully compliable with laboratory procedure.

The TOP-TOGA Autosampler is an easy-to-use and rugged sample tray for full vacuum degassing of transformer oil samples. It is designed for optimum value, time saving and excellent performance.

Basic device with Windows control software for evaluating documentation and customer-specific settings, with Expert System for automatic Faultdiagnosis in Insulating Oils.