SM and SML Power Fuses are the recognized standard for performance and reliability in solid-material power fuse protection for cables and medium-to-large power transformers systems through 34.5 kV. All Type SM and SML Power Fuses incorporate precision-engineered non-damageable fusible elements with permanently accurate and precise time-current characteristics.

Fault Fiter Electronic Power Fuses are a major advancement in circuit-interruption technology, integrating state-of-the-art electronics with an advanced-design high-continuous-current fuse. The electronics provide current sensing, time-current characteristics, and control power. No remote relaying or external power is required. Fault Fiter provides unsurpassed high-speed interruption of fault currents to 40,000 amperes RMS symmetrical.

Fusing Equipment – Indoor Distribution

Fault Fiter Electronic Power Fuses are ideal for protecting medium-voltage service-entrances, feeders, transformers, and underground distribution subloops.

SM and SML Power Fuses, Indoor Distribution, are ideally suited for protecting medium-to-large size transformers and cables on utility as well as industrial , commercial, and institutional power systems.