S&C’s rugged overhead distribution products offer long-term reliability and exceptional value. From industry-standard Type XS Fuse Cutouts, fitted with Positrol® Fuse Links that provide full-fault-spectrum protection . . . to SMD and SM Power Fuses, with their higher continuous-current and fault interrupting ratings . . . to Fault Tamer® Fuse Limiters that provide enhanced protection, improved service continuity and power quality, and heightened safety for pole-top transformers . . . to TripSaver® Dropout Reclosers that provide a better solution for overhead lateral protection, S&C has the answer for every distribution product need.

Fusing Equipment – Outdoor Distribution

SM Power Fuses provide reliable and economical full-fault-spectrum protection for transformers and capacitor banks in utility and industrial substations through 34.5 kV.

Positrol Fuse Links, with their precise TCCs, tight tolerances, nondamageable fusible elements, and superior fault interrupting ability, give you the ultimate in fuse link performance.

The Three-Shot Type XS Fuse Cutout is ideal for situations where temporary faults are common, but the feeder is in a remote area or difficult to access for line crews. After the first cutout operates, the three-shot cutout’s rotating current transfer contact readies the next fuse, quickly restoring service to the faulted line.

Type XS Fuse Cutouts are the standard against which others are measured. When fused with S&C Positrol Fuse Links, Type XS Fuse Cutouts provide full-fault-spectrum protection for overhead distribution transformers, capacitor banks, cables, and lines.

TripSaver II Cutout-Mounted Reclosers eliminate the permanent outage which results when a lateral fuse operates in response to a transient fault. And they eliminate the momentary interruption that occurs on a feeder when the substation breaker is tripped to save a lateral fuse during a transient fault.

Fault Tamer Fuse Limiter is the next generation pole-top transformer protective device. It combines a series fuse and backup limiter in one easy-to-handle package that provides enhanced protection, improved service continuity, enhanced power quality and heightened safety.

SMD-20 and SMD-40 Power Fuses meet the higher continuous current and fault-interrupting needs of today’s substations, 14.4 kV through 34.5 kV.