S&C’s Metal-Enclosed Gear product family offers the industry’s most complete selection. There’s a product category to suit almost every application and economic requirement. Indoor or outdoor . . . live front or dead front . . . manual, source-transfer, or remote supervisory . . . with conventional power fuses or sophisticated microprocessor-controlled fault interrupters — S&C has the answer to all your medium-voltage switching and protection needs.

And S&C offers the services you need too. S&C’s Power Systems Services engineers can provide feasibility studies for switchgear applications and upgrades, short-circuit and coordination studies to verify that the gear meets system requirements, load-flow studies to model the feeder circuits, and arc flash studies too. S&C also offers turnkey installation, project management, preventive maintenance, training, and technical seminars to further assist with your power delivery needs.


Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

Custom Metal

Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear. Through 50 years of design and manufacturing experience, S&C has developed metal-enclosed switchgear built for long life and easy operation.

PMX™ Switchgear


PMX™ Modular Metal-Enclosed Switchgear combines the solid features of S&C Custom Metal-Enclosed Switchgear with the size and economic benefits of S&C Pad-Mounted Gear.

System VI™ Modular Metal-Enclosed Switchgear


System VI Metal-Enclosed Switchgear An exciting new switchgear option for users seeking economy and reliability in load distribution equipment.