feature-image-326x159-PDixWelcome to Power Diagnostix Systems GmbH, Aachen, Germany. Power Diagnostix offers instruments for partial discharge (PD) measurement and monitoring (ICMâ„¢ Technology), loss factor (LF/DF) measurement devices, fiber optic analog and digital signal transmission systems, high voltage test and control systems and cabinets, plus many other tools for high voltage diagnostic applications. Beside all these special products for quality control and life cycle assessment of insulation materials and components, we provide services, expertise, and training seminars in this special subject.


Power Diagnostix offers a wide range of products for various high voltage applications. The different instrument, accessories, software tools, and test equipment are sorted by their main task. However, instruments offering multiple functions can be found under miscellaneous topics. Our product navigator may help you to find the best suited instrument for your application.


Rotating Machines

Partial discharge and loss factor measurements and PD monitoring on generators and large motors offers the assessment of the condition of the stator winding. This helps avoiding unplanned outages as well as scheduling efficient maintenance outages.


Partial discharge testing on power transformer is an efficient tool to evaluate the condition of the complex insulation system. Power Diagnostix offers various optimized instruments and accessories for laboratory tests, field measurements, and continuous monitoring.


Power Diagnostix range of instruments cover the entire needs of partial discharge testing on gas or air insulated substation equipment from production testing and commissioning to maintenance and monitoring.

Rotating Machines

PD testing of MV, HV and EHV cables and their accessories starts with the quality control of new fabricated systems at the factory, it continues while commissioning to check the assembly of all components and it can be complementary part of a cable monitoring installation.

PD Measurement Devices

PD Monitoring Devices

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