With over 20 years of experience in developing solutions to power quality problems encountered by utilities and large users of electric users, S&C offers comprehensive solutions backed by our leading technology and S&C’s team of experts. We can partner with you to identify the best approach to solve your power quality problem, then design and deliver a solution that will exceed your expectations. Our solutions draw on S&C’s PureWave® power quality systems which provide the broadest selection of products offering whole-facility protection from virtually any power quality problem from 380 volts through 25 kV. S&C’s PureWave systems are field-proven and today correct a wide array of power quality problems at installation sites around the world.

S&C’s PureWave power quality systems provide effective solutions to the power quality problems facing continuous process and service industries. As one of the few companies developing large-scale, outdoor and indoor power quality systems to protect entire facilities, S&C PureWave products ensure a consistent and reliable high-quality power supply at industrial and commercial installations worldwide. Our systems can also mitigate the impact voltage variations such as sags, surges, and flicker, along with instability caused by rapidly varying reactive power demand.

S&C Power Quality Products

PureWave DSTATCOM provides a solid-state synchronous voltage source for taming problem loads . . . allowing such loads to co-exist on the same feeder as more sensitive loads.

PureWave UPS Systems provide enhanced service continuity to facilities served by a single power source, where momentary disruptions are of concern.