smart-grid-ces-unitPureWave® Community Energy Storage System

Your goal is simple: Keep the power flowing to your customers. Achieving that goal isn’t always so easy, however. And now, facing imperatives to reduce your utility’s carbon footprint, you need to ensure that the power is not only reliable, but also green. S&C’s PureWave Community Energy Storage System can help you meet those challenges.

In the event of a power outage, PureWave CES automatically restores power in seconds . . . a major goal of the self-healing Smart Grid. By placing distributed energy storage in close proximity to customers, reliable supplemental power is available to them instantly.


Offering 25 kW for one or two hours, PureWave CES has enough capacity to supply power to a group of customers for the duration of most typical outages. Deployment of these units on a broad scale will significantly improve your customer minutes served — an important index of grid reliability — while greatly reducing your emergency dispatch costs. With its ability to utilize buried distributed batteries, the PureWave CES provides a small footprint that does not change as the energy storage is scaled.

PureWave CES Design Features

  • Maintenance-free power electronics comply with IEEE 1547 and UL 1741
  • SCADA radio control
  • Real-time analog/digital input/output
  • Hard-wired bypass available for installation and maintenance
  • Status and control panel

Reliability Benefits

Customer Friendly

  • Supports multiple customers for hours
  • Momentary outage is barely perceptible
  • Customers are isolated from repeated operations and transients
  • Seamless return-to-normal
  • Customers experience “premium” power

System Friendly

  • Reduced SAIDI. Power is maintained to customers
  • Reduced MAIFI/SAIFI. Customers experience one or zero operations
  • After an interruption, system experiences reduced load, reduced inrush
  • System can be set for staged return, reducing cold load pickup