three-shot-typeType XS Fuse Cutout

The Three-Shot Type XS Fuse Cutout is ideal for situations where temporary faults are common, but the feeder is in a remote area or difficult to access for line crews. After the first cutout operates, the three-shot cutout’s rotating current transfer contact readies the next fuse, quickly restoring service to the faulted line. When the fault is permanent the second . . . and third cutout will operate . . . clearing the fault and opening the circuit. This eliminates the chance of a permanent outage in response to a momentary fault. And the three-shot cutout uses the same Positrol® Fuse Links and Multi-Wind™ Fuse Tubes construction.


The key feature of the Three-Shot Type XS Fuse Cutout is its rotating current-transfer contact. If the first fuse operates in response to a fault, it withdraws a plunger, releasing the stored-energy mechanism inside the current-transfer contact. The stored energy rotates the contact and engages the second fuse, restoring service. If the fault persists, the second fuse operates the same way, engaging the third fuse.

The stored-energy mechanism is charged by the hookstick-operated reset-ring at the base of the cutout. The reset-ring also indicates the energized fuse. To reset the mechanism, insert a hookstick prong through the reset-ring and rotate the mechanism counter-clockwise. When reset, the mechanism clicks into position, ready for the next operation.

All Type XS Fuse Cutouts employ an S&C-developed innovation—single venting, down and away only—an especially important feature where exhaust must be kept out of other phases in overbuilt circuits. There are no costly-to-replace expendable fuse-tube caps.

The Three-Shot Type XS Fuse Cutout provides superior mechanical handling and electrical performance, including:

  • Easy fuse link installation — even with gloved hands
  • Easy fuse tube insertion (and removal)
  • Superb alignment when closing — from any angle and under adverse conditions of light and weather
  • No fuse link breakage
  • Completely reliable dropout action — regardless of fault-current level, and
  • Mates perfectly with S&C’s Loadbuster® Tool — for sure, reliable load switching


System Voltage, kV Rating Leakage Distance to Ground, Minimum
kV Amperes, RMS
Nom. Max BIL Cont. Interrupting, Asym.
60 Hz 50 Hz Inches mm
4.16 thru 14.4 14.4 15 110 100 2 000
6 000
1 600
4 800
8-1/2 216